The Advantage of Using Best Portable Ice Maker

Portable ice makers are the specialized machine for making ice only. These machines are ideally of medium carton size-13-14 inches in wide and depth and 11-12 inches tall. Portable ice makers as the name suggest designed for easy portability, so these machines are light weighted. For the convenience of the ice making average ice, makers take up to 5-10 minutes to produce nine cubes of ice of any size. Ice makers can be of various capacity 20-25 pounds production capacity per day for regular household use or 28-30 pounds of ice production capacity per day for a pool, barbeque or house parties.

In a traditional ice maker usually, there is no automatic water supply facility. You have to pour the water from outside into the reservoir. You can use both tap and bottled water, however, bottled water is preferred by many for better-tasting ice cubes. Digital ice makers contain colorful buttons and indicators to let you know whether you need to add water or take out the ice. The ice makers which include LCD comes with a timer too which allows you to choose the time when you want the ice maker to start making ice.

Most of the ice makers come with the facility of automatic turning off whenever it is done producing ice. Keep one important thing in mind: Ice makers are specially made for manufacturing ice, they do not have the feature of keeping the ice frozen for an extended period. So, I suggest that take out the ice from the ice maker once it has been produced, keep them in zipping bags and put the bag in the freezer for storage. The majority of the ice makers provide the bullet shaped ice, with one hollow end. These ice cubes are not crystal clear like the one you find at the restaurant, but they sure taste the same and in some cases even better than the ice served at restaurants and bars.

 Easy portability

These machines are bought for ice making mainly. Besides home, you need ice for outdoors like during the picnic, camping, barbeque parties and on RV or boats. So portability becomes a must have quality for ice makers. While buying ice makers make sure the ice maker is light enough for carrying efficiently, and also they must contain carrying handles.

Imagine you have a big party coming whether a pool party, barbeque or a dinner party where a large pool of guests is coming. You have to be prepared with food, cocktail and most importantly with many jars full of ice. Without ice, any party becomes like a song without any sound! A cold, chilling drink can make your party more vibrant and alive.

Portable Ice Maker can help you to plan significant events like this with real ease and comfort, be sure to keep the water supply ready.  Put the bullet-shaped either small, medium or large sized ice in your drink and felt relieved. By making tons of ice a day, Portable Ice Maker becomes perfect for parties and special events.

For easy portability, it includes smooth carrying handles.


The perfect solution for keeping the need of huge families fulfilled. The portable ice maker is long-lasting and great looking.  With its stainless steel body and sleek silver color, it complements the kitchen or dining area of your house. It can even keep the younger kids happy as it can produce small sized cubes, perfect for the healthy chocolate shake. This device is cooled by a compressor, and it needs 120 watts for running. Electronic control panel and LED indicators make it easy for you to manage and monitor the device.


With soft touch buttons and clearly labeled buttons, you can efficiently operate Portable ice maker. The LED display enables you to set the timer, select ice cube size and even indicates the self-cleaning mode. The ice machine is so up to date that it automatically shuts off once the ice bin is filled.

The reminding digital control pad indicates when the removable ice basket needs to be emptied or when the water reservoir needs to be refilled. Use the energy-saving viewing window on top of the lid to check the ice level at any time without the need of opening up the lid and disrupt the ice production. The remaining ice cubes automatically recycle back into the water reservoir for reuse or dispense into the built-in drain cap. An ice scooper is also included for easy serving or transferring of ice.

 Easy to use and operate.

The control panel of Portable ice maker is easy enough for anyone to use! All the buttons on the control panel are leveled comprehensively. Automatic overflow protection and light indicators notify you when to add water and when the ice basket is full. The control panel has two switches; one is for central power, and the other one decides the size of the ice small, medium or large.

No draining required.

Portable Ice Maker comes with a gigantic reservoir which can hold up to 5-liter water, and the ice was storing capacity of this ice maker is 2.7 pounds. It excludes the need for draining the water from the melted ice filtered into the reservoir to be used again. The lack of direct plumbing is also minimal.

The easy to use drain allows you to drain out the extra unused water comfortably through the circular hole of the pipe. The plug on the drain is easily removable but unscrew it carefully as it is tiny. Make sure to put the cap back on the opening of the pipe before using the ice maker again.

One of the great features of Portable ice makers it’s spacious waste. To remove any excess water, you need to untwist the drain and pull off the cap, and the water comes from the side.

Performance capabilities

With a compressor cooling system, it can produce up to 26 pounds of ice per day. You can get a refreshing batch of ice in just under 6 minutes from this quite an ice maker. This different ice maker has the ice storing capacity of 1.5 pounds. The electronic control with the latest LED display enhances its performance.

The remaining ice always melts back into the reservoir and can be reused again. It saves you the extra labor of refilling the water. It is under 15 inches tall which makes it a perfect for any kitchen counter, home bar or RV. Most Portable ice makers produce one batch of cold and soothing ice of any size in under 10 minutes. You have to fill the reservoir with a one-gallon tap or bottled water, set the controls and wait for 10 minutes to get your batch of white snow ice perfect for any drink. The portable ice maker is ideal for RV satisfying your needs of ice by producing 28 pounds of ice in just 24 hours. You don’t need to attach any separate water hook up as it already has a drain to pour out the extra unused water in it.

Clean and tasty Ice

When you use your own purified or filtered water, you get better tasting ice than you would find in the restaurant, bars, stores or anywhere else! All the Portable ice maker are portable enough to take anywhere. Making it ideal for boat trips, RV’s, campers, barbeques or even pool parties. Whether you are trying to stay calm or bring life to the party, the Portable ice maker is the perfect solution.

Relatively inexpensive

If you want to make the significant amount of ice in the freezer of your refrigerator, it will cost more money and effort both. As the fridge is not explicitly designed for ice making, it is unable to provide the desired fast and comfortable ice making experience. On the other hand, portable ice makers produce a significant amount of ice consuming less energy, and also you have to refill the reservoir of the ice maker with water for just once, and you are ready to go. You can enjoy batches of ice just in 10-15 minutes break. The best part is that all these fantastic facilitates come at a reasonable price. Thus making portable ice maker a relatively inexpensive yet a smart choice for anyone.

It is easy to clean; there is almost no need for any maintenance. As no hazardous installation process is required for Portable Ice Maker all you have to do add water and with its easy to use LED display and push button control you can produce ice for any types of drinks. It has fast ice making cycle so it can create new, refreshing batch of ice in every 7 to 15 minutes.

Cost Efficient

The best quality of modern ice makers is the energy saving feature. An ice maker containing this facility will automatically shut down once the ice maker is full thus saving a lot of energy. Whenever you consider buying an ice maker make sure, it comes with this feature.

There is no permanent installation or maintenance required.  It is easy too, and it is super quiet. Using only 230 watts and 115 volts, it is so powerful that it can produce up to 26 lbs. of ice per day. Each cycle takes 6 to 13    minutes depending on how warm the environment is and makes nine bullets shaped ice cubes! You can even choose whether you want to make them large or small.

 Minimal Maintenance/easy to clean

Cleaning becomes a tiresome work sometimes. Select such an ice maker which comes with a self-cleaning facility. This feature will save a lot of your energy, however, remember to give the unit a thorough cleaning using vinegar solution once a week.

Modern Portable ice maker saves you the trouble of cleaning the ice maker on a regular basis. It has a visible “CLEAN” button in the control panel which lets you set the ice maker on self-cleaning mode whenever it is necessary. This self-cleaning feature makes this device very desirable though manual cleaning using mild detergent is recommended once in a week.

Modern Portable Ice Maker saves you from the annoying and strenuous task of cleaning the ice maker frequently as it comes with a self-cleaning technology. Just push of the self-cleaning button and Wallah….you have got a relatively clear ice maker ready to use again.


Always buy one of those ice makers who come with futuristic design, digital control panel, and LED display. As these models are available in the market, do not settle for some dated ice maker design. Portable ice makers with digital control panel have the soft push button for selecting ice size, self –cleaning and turning on and off. It has indicators for adding water and emptying ice bin.

All these advantages make Portable ice maker a must have a device at home. If you can’t live without ice, buy one Portable ice maker today. Before buying one, evaluate them properly and make sure the device you purchase should contain all these benefits.

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