Best Ice Cube Trays

Like many others, if you are a fan of big and giant things in this case ice cubes then Best Ice Cube Trays is the perfect product for you. 2-inch ice cubes will surely provide you a better tasting drink.

Better tasting drinks: This giant mold can produce magnificent numbers of ice- 16 at a time. Each of the cubes is 2 inches in size. This giant ice cube will take longer to melt into your drink giving you a perfect drinking experience. As it takes longer to melt into your drink, it eliminates the need of adding water dilution of other ice cubes solution.

Satisfactory long time use: The mold comes with lifetime warranty. Also, as both of the mold is made of food-grade silicon, it lets you enjoy the 2-inch large ice cubes made in safe molds for the lifetime.

Ice Cube Trays- 2 Large Silicone Pack- 16 Giant 2 Inch Ice Cubes Molds

Longevity of the ice cubes: No matter what the temperature is a 2-inch ice cube will take longer to melt than an ordinary ice cube. This giant size ice cube makes your drinking experience more enjoyable.

The flavor remains intact: The 16 massive ice cubes keeps your drinks taste as it is. As the 2-inch ice cube takes longer to dissolve into the drink, it keeps the flavor of the drink unspoiled. This mold is FDA approved and BPA free which easily release the ice cubes.

Effortless cleaning: This food grade plastic mold is washable. Take the soft sponge and mold detergent and gently scrub the surface of the mold. After that rinse the tray under cold water. If you don’t feel like washing it using hand just simply put it into the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.

Pros vs. Cons: Though many praises the flavor of the ice cubes into the drink, some complain that the ice cubes create a tasteless white residue in the drink. To get rid of this problem a thorough cleaning is suggested before using the tray. First, gently wash the mold using the soft sponge and mild detergent. Rinse it with cold water. Then wash it in the dishwasher in lukewarm water. Then make ice in the tray. The best thing about this ice tray is flexibility. It does not become hard and rigid like the other plastic trays. Once you are done making ice just pour a little normal water onto the surface of the tray and twist the tray a bit and take out the ice from the tray easily.

Caution: Do not bang the ice tray against any rough surface. It might break the tray.


How can I get rid of the smell of the plastic out of the ice tray?

- Try washing minutely with soapy water.

Can I put both of the ice trays into my freezer?

- You can if you have a spacious freezer.

What is the best way to remove the ice from the tray?

- Just pop them out of the tray.

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