Chillz Blox Large Ice Cube Tray Set for Whiskey – Silicone Ice Mold Maker

Chillz Blox Large Ice Cube Tray for Whiskey is costumed made for those who are fond of drinking whiskey with the perfect bar like the ice cube. This tray set can make gigantic square ice cubes and can provide perfect drinking experience for whiskey lovers.

Chillz Large Ice Cube Tray

Gigantic ice cube tray: The ice cube is enormous and the plastic is food grade. Put water into the holes of the tray and enjoy the humongous ice cube in your drink.

Effortless cleaning: This food grade plastic mold is washable. Take the soft sponge and mold detergent and gently scrub the surface of the mold. After that rinse the tray under cold water. If you don’t feel like washing it using hand just simply put it into the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.

Large ice cube maker: This mold gives you the opportunity to make 2 inch large and solid ice cubes. It is seen that round ice cubes remain floated for the longer period of time.

Best products enrich the taste of any drink: The food grade plastic of this mold yields better quality ice cubes for almost any kind of drink whether it is wine, iced tea or milk shake. The best part is the mold has firmness.

Longevity of the ice cubes: No matter what the temperature is a 2-inch ice cube will take longer to melt than an ordinary ice cube. This giant size ice cube makes your drinking experience more enjoyable.

The flavor remains intact: The 16 massive ice cubes keeps your drinks taste as it is. As the 2-inch ice cube takes longer to dissolve into the drink, it keeps the flavor of the drink unspoiled. This mold is FDA approved and BPA free which easily release the ice cubes.

Chillz Blox Large Ice Cube Tray For Whiskey-Silicon Ice Mold Maker

Pros vs. Cons: The biggest advantage of this mold is that it can produce giant, palm size, solid ice cubes which keep your drink cold and refreshing for an hour. However, when you need small ice cubes for your drinks, it will not be advantageous to use this mold.


How can I get rid of the smell of the plastic out of the ice tray?

-Try washing minutely with soapy water.

Can I put both of the ice trays into my freezer?

-You can if you have a spacious freezer.

What is the best way to remove the ice from the tray?

-Just pop them out of the tray.

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