Emerson IM93B Ice Maker Refrigerator Reviews

This black terminator look alike, Emerson IM93B Ice Maker Refrigerator can actually transform your regular drink into a better testing bar like the drink. Large storage capacity makes this machine more desirable. Using this Ice Maker with easy to use electronic control, you can get ice in just under 10 minutes!


Large, clearly visible control panel: The control panel has two switches; one is for main power and the other one decides the size of the ice small, medium or large. There is also light indicator called “Ice Full” and “Add water”.

Emerson IM93B Ice Maker Refrigerator Reviews

Painless ice making: The unused ice always melts back into the reservoir and can be reused again. It saves you the extra labor of refilling the water. It is under 15 inches tall which makes it a perfect for any kitchen counter, home bar or RV. Emerson IM93B Ice Maker Refrigerator produces one batch of cold and soothing ice of any size in under 10 minutes. You just have to fill the reservoir with one-gallon tap or bottled water, set the controls and wait for 10 minutes to get your batch of snow white ice perfect for any kind of drink. Emerson IM93B Ice Maker Refrigerator is perfect for RV satisfying your needs of ice by producing 27 pond of ice in just 24 hours. You do not need to attach any separate water hook up as it already has a drain to pour out the extra unused water in it.

Active drainage system: The easy to use drain allows you to drain out the extra unused water comfortably through the circular hole of the drain. The plug on the drain is easily removable but unscrew it carefully as it is tiny in size. Make sure to put the plug back on the opening of the drain before using the ice maker again.

Smart ice making machine: Emerson IM93B Ice Maker Refrigerator makes 10 cubes of ice at a time. The best thing about this ice maker is once you take the ice out and shut down the ice maker, it will just dump the water onto the basket and leave it into the reservoir and just recycle it. Once the ice gets on the verge of the ice basket, this ice maker automatically stops working until you empty the ice basket and refill it with water. It will indicate through the control panel that it is full.

Self-ventilation: For ventilation, it has a fan 4-6 inches in diameter so that you can keep it on the corner of a kitchen cabinet or cabinet in the camper without any difficulty. The self-ventilation allows you to roam around with this ice maker easily and keep it in any suitable place. 

Pros: Emerson IM93B Ice Maker Refrigerator’s smooth and elegant stainless steel finish enhances its attractiveness. It has three (3) different ice cube sizes and you can connect it to any power point. This ice maker is durable, compact and portable. So this ice maker will certainly meet your ice making needs. Emerson IM93B Ice Maker Refrigerator manufactures 27 pounds ice per day in 24 hours. It plugs into standard 120-volt household outlet. The ice basket is spacious enough to hold this large amount of ice. 

Cons: The unused ice melts really quickly as Emerson IM93B Ice Maker Refrigerator does not refrigerate the ice. The ice maker is not for refrigerating the ice so once the ice is ready to be used please take it out for use or else it will melt really quickly.


  • 2 Pounds ice storage capacity providing 3 different ice cube sizes
  • Clearly labeled and easy to use control panel
  • Produces 27 pounds of ice per day can make one batch of ice in under 10 minutes
  • No need for draining as this machine reuse the water
  • 3-quart water storage capacity
  • Low noise operation
  • Best choice for RV, kitchen and boat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Does this ice maker produce crystal clear ice?

-It produces the bullet shaped ice which is show white but not completely crystal clear.

  1. Is automatic water refill possible with this machine?

-No, you have to refill the unit on your own.

  1. Is the ice tray and basket stainless steel?

-No, they are made of plastic. 


conclusion: The attractive black color makes it look smart and stylish. The long power cord of this machine gives you the benefit of easy portability and safety at the same time. Choose Emerson IM93B Ice Maker Refrigerator, if you want a stylish, portable and user-friendly ice maker.

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