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Tips on Cleaning a Portable Ice maker

Tips on Cleaning a Portable Ice maker Quick Navigation IntroductionEmpty and unplugAlways remember to clean the external surface of the ice makerRemove the ice trayWipe it downClean the interiorRebuild itOperate a cleaning cycleCarry out a normal cycleClean the external partsRun a normal cycleChoosing right Cleaning Tools and SolutionsConclusion IntroductionAs most of the portable ice makers […]

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The Advantage of Using Best Portable Ice Maker

Portable ice makers are the specialized machine for making ice only. These machines are ideally of medium carton size-13-14 inches in wide and depth and 11-12 inches tall. Portable ice makers as the name suggest designed for easy portability, so these machines are light weighted. For the convenience of the ice making average ice, makers […]

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Portable Ice maker troubleshooting Guide

Where regular refrigerator limits the amount of ice usage, portable ice makers let you enjoy the solace and fresh provided by the unlimited amount of ice. However, when these relief providers give you trouble, then you need someone or something to give step by step guide to get rid of the problem. When Ice maker […]

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