Ivation Portable High Capacity Household Ice Maker

The solution of the effects of overheating is having something on hand to help lower our core temperature. Ice equals relief, and the more easily it is available, the more likely we are to stay cool. Ivation Portable High Capacity Household Ice Maker is an extraordinary solution for always having ice on hand.


  • Up to 26 pounds ice production capacity
  • Three ice size options
  • Can manufacture ice every 10 minutes
  • Clear and bright indicator to signal you to add water or empty the ice basket
  • Has smart and automatic overflow protection; as a result, it stops working as soon as the ice reaches the fullest level of the basket.
  • Being light weighted-only 20 pounds, it can be carried anywhere easily and comfortably
  • Viewing Window allows you to check the water and ice level without having to open up the lid of the machine.
Portable Ice Maker with Easy-Touch Buttons

Effortlessly right control panel: The control panel is easy enough for anyone to use! All the buttons on the control panel are leveled comprehensively. Automatic overflow protection and light indicators notify you when to add water and when the ice basket is full.

Compact finishing: This ice maker has the small and smart design. Ivation Portable High Capacity Household Icemaker will look great on the countertop, wet bar or any corner in the home.

Zero installation and Energy saving: There is no permanent installation or maintenance required.  It is easy to use super entirely. Using only 230 watts and 115 volts it is so powerful that it can produce up to 26.5 lbs. of ice per day. Each cycle takes 6 to 13 minutes depending on how warm the environment is and makes nine bullets shaped ice cubes! You can even choose whether you want to make them large or small.


When you use filtered water you get better tasting ice than you would find in the restaurant, bars, stores or anywhere else! Weighing only 23.2 lbs. It is portable enough to take anywhere. It is great for boat trips, RV’s, campers, barbecues or even pool parties. Whether you are trying to stay cool or bring life to the party, the Ivation Portable High Capacity Household Ice Maker is the perfect solution. The bottom drain allows you to clean and empty the ice maker easily. You can use it just by plugging into any standard electrical outlet!


The biggest drawback of this ice maker is that it cannot keep the ice frozen for a long time. The solution could be to store the ice in the freezer as soon as possible. Some complaint about the opaque white color of the ice but the bullet shaped ice can provide you the same taste and feel of crystal clear ice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is the ice basket removable?

-Yes, it is removable.

Is there any automatic water supply system for this machine?

-No, you have to pour water into the reservoir.

Does it have any storage unit?

-Yes, this ice maker has a storage unit.                                            

Final verdict: 

This best seller product comes with innovative and modern design and setting. Giving you the best experience of ice making, it can satisfy your thrust with its cold and soothing taste of ice.

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