Ivation Portable Ice Maker for Counterop

Portable Ice Maker for Counterop Steel has brought the faster ice making facility for you. You do not need to worry anymore. Just put the required amount of water in the unit and bring out a batch of ice in just about 6 minutes. 


Advanced LED display and digital control panel: With soft touch buttons and clearly labeled buttons, you can easily operate Portable Ice Maker for Counterop. The LED display enables you to set the timer, select ice cube size and it even has an indicator for the self-cleaning mode. This ice maker is so up to date that it automatically shuts off once the ice bin is filled.

Ivation Portable Ice Maker for Counterop

Outstanding and faster Ice making capacity: With its High modern compressor refrigeration technology, Portable Ice Maker for Counterop makes an outstanding amount of ice 26.5 pounds in just 24 hours. The two small and large- bullet shape of the cubes give you a better tasting ice.  This ice machine is so efficient that it can make 9 ice cubes in every 6 minutes.

Durable ice cubes: The bullet-shaped ice cubes with one closed end chill your drink pretty quickly and it remains floating in your drink for the extended period of time to keep your drink refreshing.

Pros: Portable Ice Maker for Counterop comes with a spacious reservoir which can hold up to 2.5-liter water and the ice storing capacity of this ice maker is 2.7 pounds. It excludes the need of draining the water from the melted ice is filtered in the reservoir to be used again. The need for direct plumbing is also minimal. The two side handles ensure comfortable portability. The side mounted drain makes it easier for you to drain out any excess water.

Cons: It might be a noisy at times, especially when it is being used for longer hours. The regular interval between two ice production cycles is suggested to keep the noise level down. Sometimes the control panel might seem less responsive as there is no “empty ice basket” or “add water” indicator. A solution to this problem might be the ice maker’s automatic turning off feature. Whenever the ice basket is full, the ice maker will shut down automatically. So it will be easier for you to identify when the ice basket needs to be emptied or when you have to add water.  


  • Produces up to 26.5 pounds of ice per day
  • Modern Compressor Refrigeration technology for efficient ice making
  • Large see-through window for monitoring ice making process and checking water level
  • Easy-Push Touch buttons for comfortable control
  • Signals when water needs to be added or ice needs to be removed
  • Three (3) convenient and variety of ice cube sizes
  • Takes about 10 minutes to make ice
  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 5.0 L
  • Max storage Capacity: 2.7 lbs.                                   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where is the drain on this device?

-The drain is located on the bottom right corner of the device. It has a rubber plug on it.

Does the ice maker keep the ice frozen for the extended period of time?

-As a matter of fact, it keeps the ice frozen for a couple of hours as it contains insulated interior.

Why is this machine noisy?

-It is noisy only when it changes cycle.


conclusion: Its portability and high efficiency make Portable Ice Maker for Counterop perfect for home, outdoor or any vehicle like RV or boat.

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