Ivation Portable Ice Maker Reviews

Ivation Portable Ice Maker is very nice looking and quality product. It manufactures up to 26.5 pounds ice per day. You do not have to refill the water tank again and again as it has a pretty large water supply reservoir. Ivation series is one of the best portable ice maker products. 


Ivation Portable Ice Maker ReviewsRecycling facility: Ivation Portable Ice Maker contains the same feature of reusing the water melted from the unused ice. To make clean and soothing ice, the use of bottled water is recommended. Once the ice basket is filled up, the ice maker turns off on it’s on which saves energy and helps the machine to be in good shape for the long period of time.

Trouble free use for longer period of time: One of the amazing factors of this ice maker is that it can work for longer hours without any problem. It’s small sized ice cubes can be kept in water bottles as well as you can make large ice cubes to complement any other drink. Usually, it takes about 5-10 minutes to manufacture a batch of ice.

Better tasting and long lasting ice cubes: The bullet-shaped ice cubes with one closed end chill your drink pretty quickly and it remains floating on your drink for the extended period of time to keep your drink refreshing.

Pros: With selectable cube sizes, Ivation Portable Ice Maker produces up to 26.5 pounds ice per day. It has an ice storage unit and a huge reservoir. The digital control panel is located on the lid beside the viewing window which allows you to see inside the unit. Whenever the ice basket is full and you need to add water, it beeps and indicates by turning on the green light on the top.

Cons: The ice melts pretty quickly inside the ice maker, so take the ice out as quickly as possible to use it. Remember this ice maker is for producing the ice not for storing and it does not keep the ice frozen. The ice cubes remain wet after they are made and if you keep them in an ice bucket or ice bag for long they tend to stick together. The solution of this problem is that put the basket full of ice in a large zip lock bag. Keep it into the freezer and let all the ice cubes to be frozen. Take out the bag once all the ice cubes are completely frozen and then strike on the ice bag to separate the ice cubes from each other. Lastly, put the separated ice cubes in a big ice basket and put the basket into the freezer.


  • 5 ponds ice production capacity in 24 hours
  • Bullet shaped ice cube comes in two different sizes small and large
  • Ice storage unit
  • Soft touch button 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does the ice maker keep the ice frozen?

-No, this ice maker can only be used for producing ice not for storing.

  1. Can I wash the ice maker with soap?

_yes, but the use of mild soap is suggested.

  1. How often do I need to clean the ice maker?

-Once or twice in a week.


Final verdict: Ivation Portable Ice Maker can be the best suit for you if you need a durable and long lasting unit.

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