Key Benefits of Using a Portable Ice Maker

You certainly love to entertain your friends and relatives especially with drinks, but your home freezer is unable to supply sufficient amount of ice. If you have a portable ice maker, it will quickly make an adequate amount of ice within a short time and fulfill your requirement.

Key Benefits of using a Portable Icemaker

Ice makers have become a very useful and necessary kitchen gadgets of the modern time. It has lots of benefits and advantages. The primary purpose of an ice maker is to make ice quickly to meet your demand. It is small in size and can be kept in your kitchen or any other suitable places at your home. As it is light in weight and portable, so you can carry it anywhere you like with ease. Usually, it takes less than 10 minutes to make a large volume of ice. Moreover, it does not require a continuous supply of water. An ice maker has many benefits, some of which are discussed below:

Benefits of Using a Portable Ice Maker

1. Produces Ice Fast: A portable ice maker is capable of making ice in as little as 6-15 minutes. You have to pour water in it and turn on the ice maker, and after waiting for about a few moments, you will get a batch of fresh ice. A freezer takes hours to freeze which sometimes you cannot afford when you have the guest at your home.

2. No Drainage Required: With a portable ice maker, you don’t need to worry about the excess water of the melted ice as portable ice maker uses all of it. The melted ice is recycled to make more ice without needing to drain it out.

3. Easy Portability: A portable ice maker is small in size and light in weight and can be easily kept in your kitchen or anywhere at your home or business sites. It will not occupy much space of your house. They are very convenient for use in parties, gatherings, camping, picnic and even on road trips.On road trips, you need to plug it into your car with a simple DC adaptor. You can take it out for any get-to-gather parties if there is a power outlet around. Portable ice makers are convenient because you cannot make a big ice maker or a freezer in all places particularly in a BBQ outdoor or at a picnic party. All you need is to fill the water reservoir with water and plug in to start ice making. While buying a portable ice maker, you should make sure that the machine is lightweight and contains a handle for carrying it easily.

4. Easy to operate: One of the biggest benefits of a portable ice maker is that anyone can operate it very easily. You only need an outlet to be plugged into. Now fill the water tank with water and switch on the unit and press the ice making button. After about 6-10 minutes, you will have a bunch of light and fresh ice cubes. The softened water of the ice cubes will return to the water reservoir for reuse.

5. Variety: A portable ice maker can make different sizes of ice cubes. It, however, depends on the model you buy. Usually, most portable ice makers can produce three different sizes of ice cubes that are ideal for various drinks and occasions. The ice produced by the portable ice makers are clear, nice looking and fresh. Many units allow the user’s option to select the cube size.

6. Large storage capacity: In spite of being small in size, a portable ice maker can produce up to 35 lbs. of ice in 24 hour time. But cannot store them all.They, however, can store up to 3 lbs. of ice at a time.

7. Cost Effective: It is a fact that in the long run, a portable ice maker is cost-effective than a full-sized ice machine because they are reasonably priced. A portable ice maker produces a significant amount of ice in a short time, runs on 120 Volts of electricity. Therefore, the portable ice maker is energy saving too.

8. Availability: Another benefit of the portable ice maker is that it can make a significant amount of ice in the shortest time. It takes 5-15 minutes to produce a batch of ice whereas a freeze takes much more time. You should keep in mind the fact that the produced ice will gradually melt. So you should retain the ice in the freezer of your refrigerator if you want to keep them frozen for a longer time.

9. Easy maintenance: Like other home appliances, your portable ice maker also needs proper cleaning and maintenance which will help to prolong the life of your portable ice maker. Some portable ice makers have automatic cleaning system. Cleaning these units is easy. Just turn on the auto cleaning button and the machine itself will do the cleaning job. The maintenance cost of a portable ice maker is very negligible. You should look for a product that is easy to clean and maintain.

10. Freshness: The refrigerators in every house are filled with many things like meat, fish, fruits, etc. The odor of the food may be embedded in the ice made in a refrigerator. A portable ice maker will provide you with odor free, clean, bright and fresh ice for your family and guests. Portable ice makers use antiseptics technologies which help to purify the water and keeps it hygienic.

11. Durability: Nowadays many portable ice makers have come up with a stainless still body. They are scratch and rust resistant. They are durable and can withstand small drops. The portable ice makers are a great, nice looking appliances which complement the kitchen or dining area of your house.

12. Time Saving: Modern portable ice maker come with soft touch button which makes it easy to operate. Its LED display enables you to set the timer, select the ice cube size and indicator for self-cleaning mode. It automatically shuts off as and when the ice bucket gets full. The digital control pad indicates when the ice basket is to be emptied or when the water tank needs refilling. The melted ice spills back to the water reservoir for reuse. The above facilities make the portable ice maker to produce ice in a short span of time and thus saves your time.

13. Clean and tasty: As we always use clean and pure water in portable ice maker the ice produced with this water also remains fresh, clean and tasty. On the other hand, ice produced in the freezer may contain unpleasant smell of different food items. So, the ice produced in an ice maker is liked by all.

14. Relatively less expensive: Portable ice makers are specially designed for producing ice only. It can produce a large amount of ice in a short time. Energy consumption of a portable ice maker is not much. You can make a bunch of ice just in 10 minutes in a portable ice maker. The price of a portable ice maker is very reasonable and affordable for most families. On the other hand, a freezer cannot provide you with large amount of ice in a short time. But the ice maker cannot keep all the produced ice frozen for a longer time. It will melt gradually. You can put it in the ziplock bags and keep it in the freezer for preservation. It will melt gradually. So the cost of making ice in a portable ice maker is cheaper than a freezer.

A portable ice maker is a handy ice making a machine. It is a powerful device to fulfill your ice needs in the shortest possible time which your home freezer’s ice tray cannot achieve. Different households have different needs, so before deciding to buy a portable ice maker, you should consider your ice need, affordability, and other factors. If you need a mobile ice maker only for your home use and for small get-to-gather, you may go for a smaller one. In selecting one, you should compare the features and specifications of different models and brands. Reading online reviews and feedbacks can help you a lot to have an idea as to which one fits your requirement and choice. Try to find out whether the product has any warranty coverage or not. After you have finally selected one you can easily buy it from online or any marketplace.

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