Magic Chef Portable Mini Ice Maker Reviews

Magic Chef Portable Mini Ice Maker Finish: White MCIM22TW has the slick and compact design which can be placed almost anywhere with an outlet; making it the perfect companion for entertainment. True to its size this ice maker is easy to move and requires no installation or direct water line access. By making up to 27 pounds of ice in every 24 hours, it will easily keep your ice bucket, beverage pitcher or punch bowl filled; providing you a continuous supply of ice.


Super easy ice making process: The ice making process is super easy. Simply add water to the reservoir and select the desired ice size to make ice as little as in 7 minutes. Choose between small and large round ice sizes to pair with just about any beverage. It can conveniently hold up to 1.5 pounds of ice at any time with 9 ice cubes produced per cycle.

Magic Chef Portable Mini Ice Maker Reviews

Smart and User-friendly Design: This signaling digital control pad indicates when the removable ice basket needs to be emptied or when the water reservoir needs to be refilled. Use the energy saving viewing window on top of the lid to check the ice level at any time; without the need of opening up the lid and disrupt the ice production. The unused ice cubes automatically recycle back into the water reservoir for reuse or dispense into the built-in drain cap. An ice scooper is also included for effortless serving or transferring of ice.

Nonstop Ice Production Capacity: It produces the bullet shaped, round, bar style ice cubes at the touch of a button. The moment it is done making one batch of ice and putting the 9 cold ice cubes into the ice bucket, it will start the ice making procedure again immediately until the ice bucket is full to the brim.

Pros: If you are such kind of person who has a constant demand for ice, Magic Chef Portable Mini Ice Maker can fulfill your desire all day long without any stop. The best part of this unit is that you can keep it on all night long and in the morning you can get an ice full of the basket. Do not worry about the electricity wastage as it automatically shuts down once the ice basket is full. Make sure to pour enough water into the reservoir to get your desired amount of ice. Another advantage of this ice maker is that it can produce ice in just under 10 minutes, even if you choose the large ice cube size.

Cons: Some complain that the ice is not crystal clear rather it produces opaque white colored ice. As TV commercials and restaurant advertise the crystal clear look of the ice, many might take it as the standard ice color. But believe me, the bullet shaped opaque ice cubes will add the same taste to your drink as it is added by the crystal clear one. So do not worry just put the cute bullet shaped ice in your drink and enjoy it.


  • Produces 27 pounds of ice in 24 hours
  • 9 cubes of ice produced per cycle
  • Smart and visible water and ice level indicator
  • The lid contains a Clear top window
  • Side drain

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does the ice maker make any sound to indicate there is low water in the unit?

-No, it just has a light indicator.

Does it produce crystal clear ice cube?

-No, it produces the bullet shaped ice which is white opaque color.

What is its water containing capacity?

-It can contain about one gallon of water


Final verdict: Use this big beast and you will never be without an ice cold beverage on a hot summer day again and get the real taste of the best portable ice maker.

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