Nostalgia ICE100COKE Coca-Cola 26-Pound Automatic Ice Cube Maker

Nostalgia ICE100COKE is one of most popular and positively reviewed ice makers available in the market. Stainless Steel makes it firm and heavy which gave it a strong and firm look. And the logo of your classic favorite soda makes it more appealing.


Made for easy portability: Strong steel handles on the side of this portable ice maker and its light weight-19.8 lbs. allows you to carry it around for any occasions like the holiday, beach, picnic or move easily in events like the bridal shower, graduation parties, birthdays and even charity event.

Nostalgia ICE100COKE Coca-Cola 26-Pound Automatic Ice Cube Maker

Enormous Ice basket: The ice basket can contain the huge amount of ice saving you the labor of clearing of the ice bin repeatedly. The ice bean comes with a miniature ice scoop that makes it easier for you to take out as many ices as needed. Both of these items are made of food grade plastic which is healthy as you are going to put the ice into your drink directly from the bin. Most importantly both of them are washable. The bin has a small holder too.

A great amount of Ice producing capacity: In just 24 hours this ice maker can supply 26 pounds of ice which is more than enough for a huge pool party, outing, camping or a picnic. Another fascination factor about this ice maker is it presents three cube options: small, medium and large which goes well with any kind of drink.

Pros: Nostalgia ICE100COKE is the perfect solution for keeping the need of a huge family fulfilled. This heavy duty ice maker is long-lasting and great looking.  With its stainless steel body and classic red color, it complements the kitchen or dining area of your house. This device is cooled by a compressor and it needs 120 volts for running. Electronic control panel and LED indicators make it easy for you to control and monitor the device.

Cons: A complaint sometimes made by the customers that the drain is sticking out of the ice maker which might cause it to fall whenever it bumps into something. It is no new information that ice maker needs to be refilled as soon as it is done turning all the water into ice. For producing 26 pounds of ice you need to refill it with one gallon of water which is a little laborious work to do. Make it a routine to refill it at the same time every day and you never have to worry about getting ice again.


  • See through window lid
  • Estimated ice production duration:7-15 minutes
  • Portable stainless steel ice maker
  • Provides 2 ice cube size small and large
  • Can contain 1 gallon of water
  • Total ice production capacity-26 lbs per day
  • Includes ice scoop and removable ice basket
  • Strong steel handles on the side
  • Indicator lights

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I stop the beeping sound?

-It will beep only when you need to add water or empty the ice basket. But if still you feel annoyed just take out the plug from the power unit.

Is the ice too hard?

-No, the ice cubes are pretty soft and chewable as the ice cubes are bullet shaped and have a hole in it.

Does this ice maker come with the facility of keeping the ice frozen for a long period of time?

-No, this ice machine is specifically made for producing ice not for storing it.


Final verdict: Whenever you are planning to have the large pool party or long trip, Nostalgia ICE100COKE is the best choice for you. The enormous amount of the ice supply will make your parties or long trips more enjoyable.

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