Tips on Cleaning a Portable Ice maker


As most of the portable ice makers are made of plastic or plastic-like materials, it is very natural to get a plastic like odor from the ice maker at the beginning. While unwrapping the ice maker, make sure to take out each and every piece of wrapping material (plastic sheet or scotch tape) from inside and outside of the ice maker. Check each and every corner of the device for finding out any sticker. Many might want to peel off the sticker or any other unnecessary attachment. Now as your portable ice maker is completely unpacked, you can start the thorough cleaning process. Thorough cleaning is suggested because you don’t want your ice to taste like plastic, right!

For a complete cleaning, make sure you have a soft sponge and mild detergent at home or if you want a natural yet effective cleaning, try using vinegar or lemon juice. Lemon juice is well known for getting rid of stale odor and vinegar will help to decrease scabby buildup from hard water.

Now let’s dive into the steps of cleaning process:

Empty and unplug

The first thing to do before you start cleaning the ice maker is to unplug the machine. Then, make sure to empty the unit completely. Check that if there is any water or ice inside the reservoir. You can pour out water from the ice maker by opening the drain at the bottom of the unit. Some people suggest holding the machine for one or two minutes upside down for completely pour out the remaining water.

Always remember to clean the external surface of the ice maker

While everyone is concerned about cleaning the interior of the ice maker, a few focuses on the cleaning necessity of the outer surface of the device. Not just to have a shiny looking device, but also to have a completely tasty and healthy ice, you have to concentrate on cleaning the outer layer of the device. Take the sponge and put a little amount of mild dishwashing soap on it. Make sure the sponge is properly wet before you start rubbing it on the external surface of the ice maker. Scrub the whole surface of the ice maker. Next, rinse the ice maker carefully with normal cold water.

Remove the ice tray

Take out the ice tray and scooped from the ice maker. Most of the trays are made of plastic but if you have glass ice tray then be very careful while taking it out. Clean the ice tray and scoopers like a normal dish with the sponge, mild detergent, and water. But if you want to use hot water for cleaning these two parts, then I suggest using lukewarm water. You don’t want to melt these plastic items by using hot boiled water. After cleaning the tray and the scooper lay them off for drying out.

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Wipe it down

After that take one soft piece of clothing, preferably cotton, to wipe down the whole ice maker. For drying out the narrowest corners of the machine, take a long and thin stick and wrap the cloth around it. Then gently wipe out the corners and walls like behind the bars of the ice maker.

Clean the interior

You can clean the interior using regular wipes and dish cleaning detergent. Brush every corner of the ice maker with the scrubber. As I suggested earlier, use a soft piece of clothing or soft scrubber. Remember the interior of the portable ice maker is very delicate so a rough scrubber might damage its interior surface. After cleaning the inside of the device, wash it properly with cold or lukewarm water. Make sure there is no detergent left inside the ice maker. Next, prepare a vinegar solution and pour it down the ice maker. Clean it with the vinegar solution. After that pour the lemon juice into the device and wash it properly. At this stage, you should get a lemony fragrance out of the ice maker.

Rebuild it

Let all the parts of the ice maker dry out properly. Then rebuild the whole machine like the first time you have done it. You can simply put the ice tray and the scoop inside the device.

Operate a cleaning cycle

This step is necessary for giving the machine a thorough cleaning. Pour required an amount of water inside the reservoir and run the cycle for one time. After the machine finishes producing one batch of ice, take out all the ice and throw it out.

Carry out a normal cycle

Repeat the previous step one more time for giving the machine a proper cleaning. Pour required the amount of water inside the reservoir and run the cycle for one time. After the machine finishes producing one batch of ice, take out all the ice and throw it out.

Clean the external parts

Again take one piece of soft and dry clothing. Cotton is preferable. Wet the clothing. Pour mild detergent on the piece of cloth. The gently rub it on the exterior of the ice maker. You can either rinse the machine with normal cold water or wipe it down with a wet piece of clothing. But before using the ice maker, make sure to let the ice maker dry out first. For best results let the machine sit for an hour.

Run a normal cycle

After reassembling the parts, run a normal cycle using fresh bottled water. Taste the ice. If the cleaning is done properly, you should have enjoyed a better testing ice.

Choosing right Cleaning Tools and Solutions

All the previous steps’ success depend on the choice of right cleaning tools and solutions. It is suggested that do a little research online or from a friend who is using portable ice maker for a while about the suitable cleaning tools and solutions.

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A proper cleaning can let you enjoy better tasting ice and also extends the durability of the best portable ice maker.

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